Upcrate - The legend of Captain Crate, his Crates and his Crew

Captain Crate…

has gotten to know a wide variety of art materials and their manufacturers on his travels across the seven seas. He is always looking for new connections and treasures for you - his art crew.

Artwork by @thingsby_diana

...delivers the best every month... 

...from a handpicked selection of new, mysterious materials to you. These are lovingly put together in the crates in order to guarantee our international crew the best quality for trying out new drawing techniques and brands at the lowest price. Each box delivers a new surprise to your home!...

Artwork by @snowsart

…for the art crew

Upcrate not only introduces you to hidden treasures of innovative materials, but also broadens your horizons and sparks your creativity. In addition to new materials, you will receive a magazine full of related advice, challenges and opportunities to exchange ideas and make friends with other artists online in order to become better together. One for all and all for one!

Artwork by @sabeans.art

behind the scenes

...is a team of art lovers, designers and artists. Captain Crate himself was brought to life by our designer Manuel from Hamburg, who designs everything to do with Upcrate with his creative ideas and flair for design. Clemens is the founder of Upcrate and brings the magic and organization into the box through his connections to many global art material manufacturers. A selected team of artists tests and curates the materials for Upcrate to ensure that the materials match so you can let your creativity flow freely!

Artwork by @sarkasik
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Let’s draw as one.
Let’s connect worldwide
and live art together

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