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Looking for a specific box from your favorite artist or new materials to experiment with? Find all of our previous boxes below - you can even reorder them from our stock in case they aren’t sold out yet!Displayed prices for individual boxes. Subscription from 22 €

  • #upcrate27 November 2021
    36,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate26 October 2021
    38,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate25 September 2021
    38,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate24 August 2021
    34,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate23 July 2021
    34,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate22 June 2021
    34,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate21 May 2021
    34,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate20 April 2021
    34,00 €SOLD OUT
  • #upcrate19 March 2021
    34,00 €SOLD OUT

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